So, this one from a TV freak who loves watching TV anytime, anywhere and anything.

I am not a “mutitasker”, but when it comes to TV I am a multi channel watcher. I keep on switching between channels during ad breaks or if something too obvious or irrelevant is coming on one channel. ( My father often gets irritated by this habit of mine 😛 ).

Few days back, while doing so I stopped at some channel which was featuring ” Short stories by Rabindranath Tagore”. Who would not stop at such a channel. The story was about a “Kayastha” girl being adopted by a “Brahmin” when her father died and there was no one in her family to take care of her. The name of the story was “Tyag”. The story is about cast system and how at that time people use to oppose marriage in different caste.

I was happy with the happy ending, when the Brahmin man to whom the “kayastha” girl gets married, sacrifices his beliefs and accepts the girl.

But was I was unhappy to see that even after so many years, after so much development in terms of education, people still believe in caste system. Still people prefer caste over nature and the person. I often think we still blindly follow so many practices from the past without giving a thought. Why don’t we leave all such bad practices and be a human being irrespective of caste, economic status. So many incidents have been reported of people from north-east facing discrimination. I just can’t understand, how can anybody hate somebody on the basis of his caste or origin. Why people change themselves and their thinking. Why????, Why can’t we do “TYAG” (sacrifice) of such practices and be HUMAN





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