A moment of change, hope and optimism

While surfing on net  I clicked on ” https://housing.com/lookup” and reached a page (#Lookup) which was talking about a moment of optimism , of hope  and that reminded me one such moment of my life ,so I just penned it down.

To start with , might be irrelevant, I must mention here about my first love and I guess that was “Fauji” , yes I am talking about one of the serial aired long time back on TV ,I was a small child then but really impressed by the bravery, courage, truthfulness, strength , sense of humour, alertness, active, intelligence. I mean everything I loved about Indian Army and the soldiers  and then I got addicted to TV , few more serials like “Aarohan” , “Sea Hawks” , depicting the life of an Army officer , Navvy officer , increased my love and respect for them , I often used to say I would marry an Army officer :).

But in my family , nobody was in army and nor I was that strong to join army , so my love for Army officer just remained in my heart but after my post graduation , one day I saw a technical job opening with Indian Army . Without any second thought , I packed my bag and reached the campus and this was a lifetime opportunity

After entering the campus it was like a dream come true, the campus was neat and clean,every soldier was so attentive, healthy, active . After checking our documents , all girls were allotted rooms. We were instructed to report sharp at 7 after breakfast with bags packed in the reception area. That was a little strange for all of us.

In the night all girls in the room introduced each other ,discussed about the day and the coming day and then after dinner , we walked around the campus. It was so beautiful. The walls of the campus were honored ,as the pictures of bravest of bravest soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country were painted on walls . Every thing in the campus were filling in us a feeling of proud of being born in such a country. We got in to bed as we need to get up early for tomorrow’s test.

Next morning we all got up and after getting ready we had our breakfast. And then we packed our bags and assembled near the reception area. A Officer came and wished us good morning. We were all tensed so he cheered us up and we all smiled and got ready for our test.

I was hopeful ,but my result was not positive. I had to go back with the packed luggage the same day. One of the girl , who stayed near my place was also not selected . So I got company of her and her mother. We didn’t get reservation for going back and hence left with no option other than General bogie. It was all so depressing , so heart breaking. I felt like crying.My dream was shattered.I was in such a bad mood as it was my last chance to get in to Army and I lost it. The general compartment was all full of people. It was crowded, we somehow managed to get place to sit.I was just lost and was not able to think ,then suddenly a very old woman started shouting, somebody stole her purse, she looked so poor , barely in clothes. Then I looked around, the compartment was full of people ,poor, had nothing to cover themselves. They were travelling in General compartment in such a bad condition to save money. I forgot my pain , my shattered dream and realized , my situation is far better, Nothing is there that I have lost , I felt as if ,that old woman money was more important than my dream, Here people are dying of hunger and I am crying for a small dream.

I was now feeling sad and determined at the same time, I was not crying any more than I heard somebody singing ,that brought a smile on my face.

“Sita Ram Sita Ram kahiye , jaye vidhi rakhe Ram tahe vidhi rahiye ”

The words echoed in my heart,I just closed my eyes and understood,that we just have to do Karma, and leave the results on God. If we get what we have wished for ,its good , if not be assured that he has better plans for us.


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