The emptiness you left in our heart – o Bappa

Our housing society this year invited Lord Ganesh or Bappa to stay with us for 10 days. Bappa was welcomed with great pomp and show in the society. Music, dance crackers, sweets all that and more was there. First day Bappa’s idol some 11 ft  high was unveiled and offered prayers. For 10 days our society was like a grand “Mela” . People from other societies also visited  for Bappa darshan and offered sweets etc. Every evening the organizers arranged for some events like children show, stalls etc. everybody was enjoying. Bappa was like a star. The society was livelier and people were looking more colorful. It was a delight to see small children in beautiful dresses lying down in front of Bappa and chanting Ganpati bappa morya. Everything was magical. Listening to the melodious, mystical, magical  prayer offered to bappa was such a treat for our hearts.

Jai dev Jaidev jai mangal murti, darshan maatre mann kamna purti ….”  I can still hear ….

Since the day Ganpati Bappa came to our society, it had become a daily routine to fold my hands in front of Bappa while going and coming from the office.” .But while folding hands in front of bappa I had always wonder Why I am offering prayers to Bappa coz I am no more a believer in GOD. When I say NO more It means that Once I used to pray a lot. Fasting etc all was part of my routine. But due to some reasons I was angry with God. I had put some conditions in front of him. Until and unless God fulfills those conditions I will not be praying in front of him. But  still I was attracted towards bappa. I knew that If I think logically  no wish can be fulfilled by praying in front of Bappa (No offense meant). But still I asked Bappa to end our fight. I wanted to pray. I wanted to do Seva for him. I felt like crying when we bid him farewell on 11th day. I loved watching him, sitting like a real king. There is something about all these festivals. Some Magic all around us.

The next day after Ganesh Visarjan, the place which was occupied by Bappa since last 10 days was empty. He was not there. I just missed him. I was also wondering at the mysterious ways of heart. It falls in love with anything. Ganpati Bappa was here for only 10 days and we all were in love with him. I had lived at many places and so many maids have helped me in managing my home. I miss my maids also sometimes :P. There are so many materialistic things which we keep with us all our life.  Why we fell in love with people or things which are in our life for few days. Why our heart is such a stupid thing? Why our heart doesn’t use his brains ?

Anyways Bappa this time you have left a vacuum in my heart…. Nobody can fill that place….

Waiting for you to come back……

Ganpati Bappa Moriya Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa ( Agle baras tu jaldi aa)….




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