Life after death

I don’t know how will be my life after death,
Or will there be any life after death.
But for sure I will miss taking breath.

I will miss the rising sun,
And in water it’s beautiful reflection.
It’s cozy warmth in the winters,
Its dazzling figure in summers.

I will miss the changing colours of the sky,
His lending it’s space to clouds or the time when it is dry.
In the evening the V formation of the birds,
Telling me as if victory is the only word.

I will so miss the beautiful dark black color of the night,
A walk or a dreamy starry ride.
In that world there will be no silvery light of the moon,
To show me the path in the dark,amidst the wood

I will miss the blue or green waters,
The fauna and watery creatures.
The ripple effect of the waves,
And on them the falling sparkling sun rays.

Will there be the feeling called love,
Will I find there a pair of dove.
Will there be pair of cloves to wish,
Will there be something to keep memories or will they diminish.

I am afraid if I want a life after death,
I just want to live every breath,
I want to live thousands of life before I die,
Who knows, if after I will get any love,earth,water or sky..


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