They were meeting after a long time.  The circumstances, their parents, traditions were all against the idea of these love birds meeting alone before marriage.   When their engagement date was fixed, they planned for so many things to do during the time gap between their marriage and engagement. But it all got messed up. First their parents were against meeting them alone before marriage and then he went for an onsite assignment. But in month of Feb, when he came back from USA, somehow they managed to convince their family for a weekend getaway along with a group of friends. Place decided was Imagica- A theme park.

He was so excited to see her after such a long time. During college, in fact till the time they got engaged, there was not a single day in a year when they have not met. Even the world famous “Mumbaiya” rains were not able to stop them from seeing each other. He wanted to surprise her so he took out his brand new car. He hasn’t allowed any of his friends to sit on the front seat because the owner of the seat was she. All their friends knew about this completely, madly, deeply in love couple.

He picked her up and started for the date with friends after listening to the “100’s” of instructions from her mother. She was so excited to see the car and he already had a Pen drive loaded with the music of her choice. He wanted this trip to be a very special one (It was actually their pre- Valentine date and first after they got engaged. So many reasons to make this special.). Though they had been on so many trips before without their parents being informed, but this time she was behaving little differently, little shy you know just like wife. He instructed her about how to play music system he got installed in the car. She was the DJ for today. They both were happy. In half an hour they were on the highway. Now from here he wanted some navigation help. He asked Minni to start navigator in the phone and keep the destination as Imagica the theme park.

While Sandeep was driving busy, Minni was confused in using the navigation system and guiding Sandeep with the route. She has always been bad when it comes to navigating and guiding the driver. Even after putting up so many efforts she was able to remember route of her office and home and that too only 1 way. If there was any deviation from the route she used to get confused. In normal days, she would have told him that she is confused, but now she is acting as a wife, and the person sitting on front is a navigator. She didn’t want to lose that seat. Also she thought that telling him that she doesn’t know how to use the navigator might make him angry. So she opened the Google maps and marked the final destination. The navigation system had voice help also, she was little bit relieved and started voice guidance. But that guidance was not according to Indian roads. Sandeep asked her to stop the voice guidance and guide him verbally. She got irritated and wanted to tell Sandeep, Mr. USA returned is getting confused by US accent guidance, but she didn’t said. She muted the navigation and started telling him the way. All was going well until she saw on navigator a flyover and a road on left side. He asked him to tell quickly to take the flyover or not. She got confused and out of fear she told him to take flyover. Sandeep asked her you sure, because as per him they should have taken the side road. But he took the flyover and kept driving. He was enjoying the ride and listening now to songs and looking at her. She was smiling and talking to him But in her heart , she was afraid seeing the length of the flyover – When will this finish -Have they taken the correct road – What if wrong route has been taken- How will sandeep react.

Her fear came true, after almost 2 hours driving; instead of theme park they reached some place with jungle theme. As in it was looking like jungle. Nobody was there. Sandeep stopped the car and cheked in navigator and realized his mistake. He got angry and frustrated, it was after so many days they got a chance to spent good quality time together and now because of this stupid mistake almost whole day will be wasted. He wanted to say how you have passed engineering when you can’t read a simple navigator properly. As soon as he turned towards her, he saw she was in tears.

I am sorry Sandeep, galti se ho gaya (By mistake it happened) I was little confused but was afraid of asking you. I am sorry… .Sorry was all she saying. His anger disappeared in a fraction of second. He realized how much he loves this silly girl sitting next to her who could not do a simple navigation. At that moment he just wanted to give her a tight hug and kiss her.  She was looking so innocent and beautiful and in fear at the same time. He just tilted his head, smiled. He opened his seat belt and leaned towards her. She got scared, he opened her seat belt and brought her closer to him, wiped her tears with his hanker and kissed her on forehead. “Don’t cry, minnu it’s ok”  and hugged her. She holds him tight and said sorry again. He released her and holde her face  and said =”You know you navigated us to the right path.” She looked into his eyes with very difficulty because she was feeling guilty for wasting the time they have got after so much persuasion. She knew how much excited he was for this day. She had a question in her eyes – How are we on right path.

He again kissed her and said “Silly, You didn’t got it?  You were following navigation system made by God. God was our navigation system and he wanted us to spend a quality time with each other in some place like this away from the crowd. Wahan mein tujhse bat kaise kar pata itne shor mein (How I could have talked to you in that noisy place.)” And yahan per to kuch bhi kr sakta hoon(And I can do anything with you here). she smiled and understood that he is just trying to stop her from crying. She wanted to tell him that she loves him like anything and she is proud and lucky to have him in his life and she can do anything for him. But she opted to give him an angry look. But the happiness and relief in her eyes could not be hidden. They both were laughing … and song was being played in the background ….

“Do pyar karne wale jungle mein kho gaye…………. “



This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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