Well, I am the also part of the group including mummies/aunt/dadi’s who everyday /without fail loves watching “Kyunki saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi” types serial. I know the all serials story/cast/what is going to happen/bindi styles of vamps/music played/title songs of serials…. I would love to call myself “SERIALPEDIA” if that word exists in dictionary. [If this word does not exist, please add. Serialpedia – Who loves watching serials]. And this love is not new, it’s very old, when I was a kid , I remember watching Ramayana when I was very small/ I  remember running back from school and first thing to do was Switch on the TV-  Swabhimaan and Shanti were  my favourites. [I am sure very few remember those serials]. My childhood was a dreamy childhood. I was always in dreams and courtesy : All serials like “Farmaan”, “Aarohan”, “Vyomkesh Bakshi”, “Captain Vyom” and so many other serials. I was in love with all the characters and had a huge crush on “Rajit kapoor aka Vyomkesh Bakshi” , Captain Vyom aka Milind Soman and Ajhar Nawab aka Kawanljit.My ambition used to change with every serial. I once wanted to become Vyomkesh bakshi, I wanted to be in Armed forces when I saw Aarohan, I wanted to be scientist when I saw Captain Vyom. But I never became anything of that sort , but my love for TV n has increased everyday and still it continues.

Oh! I forgot to tell Why I am writing this I was writing all this to set the context for one of the contest “WoW”, The topic was ‘If I Could Create A TV Show’ . This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

And who would miss a chance to express his/her feelings about her first love i.e. TV.  So If get a chance, I would love to make a  14-15 episodes series of short stories.

The stories would be from common man’s life, from our everyday’s life, our love life, gapshap @ chai, the vendor’s life in the local train, a waiter in the restaurant, their experiences. I would make the common man hero, I would tell their stories, their day to day experience…

Few story ideas are …..

Story of a woman I met in local train. – She  gives utensils in return of used clothes….

I forgot to ask her name, but what’s in name. She was waiting for Vadala train at Vile Parle station around 9:30. When I saw her first time, my eyes stopped at her ear lobe. they were full of rings. I asked her does it pained when you got your ears pierced. She said no, instead she wanted one more point on earlobe to be pierced. She  told me “Ghaslet ka tel lagane ka and phir wo jo dukhta hai nahi dukhega”.

She got married @ 12 , mother of a boy @ 13,she gave birth to 3 more daughters after that. All day she sells utensils, walks a lot, and loads a heavy bag of used clothes and utensils. Her son left studies after 10th and her daughters are very good. 1 is 18,  second daughter is 15 and youngest is 6 years old. She was smiling all the time while telling her story.She also told me that all theliwalas infact some showrooms also sell used clothes. That was little shocking.

She waved her hand with a smile and said milte hai kabhi phir se isi train mein….

Story of my maid

I remember her since my childhood. We used to live in a rented accommodation. It was big house with 3,4 rooms. We had 1 room and landlords had two rooms. She used to come with her mother who used to wash utensils at our’s and landlady’s place. We used to play a lot. Once I went to my grandmom’s place during  summer vacation. After a month or so, when  we returned , I asked for her. She never came back and I never got to know the reason.

After years we shifted to our own house, I got job  and moved out from my native place During Diwali break, I saw a new maid. She was very active, smiling all the time. She saw me and asked “Didi tum pehchani naa ?”. I really didn’t recognize her. She was the same little girl with whom I used to play. Now she was a mother of 3 children. But she was “Bala ki khoobsoorat”. She told me her husband is disabled , does not earn enough, and often beats her. I asked her, why she married him. What she told me was shocking.

When she was a child, her mother wanted to earn money by selling her childhood. But she was not ready, she was much more mature than her age. She refused, revolted and stopped coming with her mother. She controlled her mother by warning her ,that she will complain in Police. But she was still not safe. When this guy’s marriage proposal came, she accepted without any second thought. For her ,her safety was more important. She works now from morning 5 till late evening, cooks dinner for her husband, gets beaten up. She just tolerating all this for her safety and her children

I was in tears and she was smiling….[Or trying to smile to hide her pain.]

I would feature so many like stories, these are  unsung heroes…..Sorry not heroes but heroines. And definitely I  would feature some unsung heroes as well.

TRP I don’t care, but definitely it will touch millions of heart…

This is what I will direct …..

Camera – Lights – Action….

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One thought on “Action….

  1. I remember those ladies coming to my home as a kid. I always wondered how they sustain by taking old clothes 😛

    I agree the maids who work in our homes…have such distinct lives and yet they don’t sit down and narrate to us.

    Well done with the take 🙂


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