To be true, I am really not clear what I am going to write in this post. This weekend , I saw movie called Aligarh [Hence the name of the post, coz many a times I could not think of the name]. This movie is based on real life incident.

This movie has got everything- Contoversies/Acting/Actors/Direction/Music [old songs of Lata Mangeshkar]. But still it left me depressed, perplexed.

Reason could be the sad end of the movie  or could be the way people treated Prof. Siras in this movie.

I still can’t understand, why people can’t mind their own business. Why politics is in everywhere. Why people try to make profit out of the other people life’s situation, emotion. Why people betray.

In the movie in one scene Late Professor Siras says something like this- I just hate the way people use the word “LOVE”. Why everybody is after this word,. try to understand this word.It’s such a beautiful word.

And I agree with him. People just take this word in a wrong way. Love is a feeling , an emotion, a belongingness, attachment between two souls. Love can never harm anybody. It only knows to give, to sacrifice, to buy pain for bringing a smile on other’s face.

It’s the HATRED, it’s GREED which is hamful.

But I have never seen any honor killing because two people hated each other. Have you ever seen anybody being killed because he was greedy, he took bribe. It’s always because two people love each other, they were killed.

One of the professor in the movie says = “Homosexuality practice karna haram mana jata hai”.

I can’t believe a professor is saying this.

I ask him = Entering anybody’s house is OK ??? if not then he should also be suspended.

Is lying OK ? . If not then he should also be punished

I think that nobody should interfere in other people life. Why we are concerned if the other person is following ABC rule or not. If he is not ,let him not,unless he is harming anybody. What are rules ?. Rules are made by us only but for our convenience , but if these rules are making life of our people difficult then what is the use of such rules.

I believe that everything is right, if you are not breaking anybody’s heart or if you are not giving any body pain.

Was Professor Siras harming anybody , I guess NO. Is anybody being given pain by Prof Siras, I guess NO. Then  WHY ALL THAT was done to him.

If his sexual preferences were different , but  they were given by GOD only. Should not we respect God’s decision ?.

If God has made few people different from us why we treat them diffrently.

In the end of the movie – It was mentioned that Homosexuality was criminalized again after this case at that time.

I don’t understand the reason. Why anything which is not harming anbody can be criminalized. If any such act that does not involve consent of the other can be termed as crime but not this.

It’s such a difficlut place to live. Seems as if everybody is wearing some mask and and hiding his real face.

PS; I used this blog as my vent for frustration, restlessness in me.




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