What to do….

When I was a kid, I wasn’t exposed to so many things the way today’s generation is. Infact I learnt to switch on the computer in my postgraduation. Knew only few professions doctor, engineer, NDA , teaching and Government Jobs like IAS officer. But look at today’s 3 year old kiddo, he can play games , play music and what not. I met a boy studying in 6th class in local train and his dream was guess.. what ? To join NASA. I was like he is so small and how can he dream about being in NASA does he know what it is ? . But he was so well informed that nobody can stop him.

The little bit exposure in my time was TV doordarshan. If you are lucky , then you may have guidance from any successful man in your family. I grew up watching “He Man”,Captain Vyom, Aarohan , Sea Hawks,  . With every serial character one of my dream was attached.

I wanted to be a doctor who saves lives, I wanted to be an army officer , Navvy Officer and so on…I never could finalize what I actually want. So when the prime time came to take the decision , to choose a line , to choose a career, choose a subject in 11th class, I was confused. I asked my mother who is always there to clear my confusion.

I asked her , maa what subject should I choose, I kinda like Biology but drawing diagrams is difficult and I like Maths but I don’t understand probability. So what should I choose. What is the probability of my success in each of the engineer or medical lines. These were the only two lines apart from Government jobs and NDA in my time.

My mother that day didn’t help me choose subject but gave me advice which is with me till date. Her advice applied to all phases of life be it career or be it relationships. She said :-

Never fall for what is visible by your open eyes but close your eyes and then see. This way you will be able to see what your heart wants, what you want , what your soul wants. 

Always listen to your heart instincts and you can never be wrong. 

I listened to her silently that day and came back to my room, closed my eyes and listened to her again and again what she said few minutes ago. …..

Till date the decisions I have taken by closing my eyes are the best decisions of my life.

And this is true because you know what you want and you put all you heart , all the hard work in it. And in such situations success will not have any other option than to come to you.


Note :- “I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”






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