Some people just do not belong to earth

Well being a citizin of this blogging world, I often get oppotunities to particpate in many blogging campaigns or contets and the best part I like about such events is they give you food for thoughts and then ideas to write about. To open the windows to thw world, to enter such arenas where in you will not enter otherwise. This post is also about campaign ”” called #madeofgreat. This campaign is  about brand association of  one of the Indian Global brand Tata Motors with Lionel Messi. Both brands are well known for the excellence in their fields and simplicity and so is the camaign build upon the attributes their authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation.

So we were required to write about somebody who is undeniably #madeofgreat.

So here’s  a small belated eulogy.

Bhaiya, I use to call  him. he was my mother friend’s son. I first met him when I went to him for a career guidance. He ws senior to me and  was studying engineering in a very reputed college. His first impression is still imprinted on my heart. He was such a great soul, who was always ready to help. He was made of love. He loved everybody whom he knew. And everybody use to fell in love with him. The best qualities that he had were :-
A love full soul
An obedient son
A cute,living brother

Anger,frustration such things were not in his dictionary. I don’t know what driven him but I am sure it would be love and hope that derived him. I have never seen him getting frustrated by people behaviour. He was able to handle all kind of people so amicably just because he was in love with god’s every creation. He was such a sweetheart that nobody could escape his charm. After engineering he went to join Jamshedpur for job. Whenever he used to come on vacation he made sure to ask my mother about her health and my progress.
He later went to US for higher studies and this was last thing I heard about him alive. He met with some accident in US. I didn’t have heart to see his body which travelled from US to India in coffin.

My mother told me that he was smiling.

I just know him as one person on earth whom I will remember him all my life. He was authentic, reliable , love, with a soul, with a beautiful heart.

It’s sad that God calls good people to his place very soon. I fear that people who are good don’t live on earth.


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