The little angel

I was playing in the clouds with my friends , when suddenly a cloud burst and I fall down. I put in all my efforts to go back to “fairy land” but could not and reached EARTH

I reached somewhere completely different from my place. I was walking around and trying to understand where I have reached, how can I go back, then suddenly I heard a cry, a small baby was crying. I reached the place following the sound. She was a small baby girl lying in the cradle. A woman was sleeping near her. She was looking very tired and as if she has cried all the night and just now fallen asleep. The room was very small of the size of single bed. There was no window from where she could breathe fresh air. I asked  the little angel why she is crying, Can I help ?. She didnt speak anything.Could be because she was too small to speak or her story was not to be told but written. I asked my magic stick to get a pen and notebook for the little angel. The magic pen had the capability to write down whatever is in one’s heart. I gave the little angel pen and the notebook.

She opened the blank notebook and wrote her story. She has written :-

“It is getting darker in the sky
God has sent the stars to show us the light.

But he has sent nobody to see my mother’s plight,
What she has to go through every night.

She was left with no option,
when whom she loved her sold her in this brothel.

Every night she hides her pain
under the layers of the makeup which from night till morning she retains.

Everynight somebody kills her soul,
she sells her body even though she abhors.

I have often seen her crying in the night alone,
Then getting up to start a new day in the new dawn.

She often remembers her childhood,
She used to be happy playing in the woods.

Her siblings were her life,
she was her parent’s pride.

Now no one is left in her life,
no brother , no sister to abide

She just loves me and I am her daughter ,
Though she hates my father.

But she is determined to give me a life,
For which she has dreamed and now strives.
She has just not accepted what life has given her,
but preparing herself everyday to grab the best offer.

She is the real woman,
Trying to live on her own.

I need her courage, her purity ,her innocense.
I respect her a lot for her courage immense.
I lover my mother,
society may or may not accept her.”

The little angel was asleep and I was in tears after reading this. I wish,she grows up with her mother in a place where there is love and only love,No Pain,where woman is treated with respect. Nobody  rapes her dignity,where woman is not just a body but a soul, who has her ideas of life. Where she can live freely, trust everybody.

Feeling helpless, I kept the notebook with me and started searching ways to go back to my place.I was also thinking Can I do anything for her. I guess not because every woman has to stand for herself. They need to be strong and fight against injustice , rather than accepting the situation in which they are forced to stay.They may die fighting aginst the injustice, but then the life they are living is equally terrible. I respect little angel’s mother who is fighting to live and trying to get a life for her daughter.

Now the sun was in sky and I found my way back to my place. I hope all the women on earth may also get their path.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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