My bestie

He is not in my life anymore. No no (in case you thinking something bad), he is very much alive, laughing aloud at some location, moved on with some ‘chappan choori’. He was my bestie.

I remember giving his shoulder to me to sleep. I met him in our company bus , I was completely exhausted, saw a seat near him and slept in no time. When I woke up, I found myself sleeping on his shoulder and saliva coming out of my mouth. Grrrr that was my first embarrassing moment with him and then there were no stopping of embarrassing myself in front of him. We were friends in moments. Just because I was me in front of him. I had nothing to hide from him. He knew all my deepest secret which I have never confided in somebody. It was so easy to confide in him. He was amazing,best part about him was he was so easy and simple. He used to make friends in seconds. I have spent a considerable time in feeling jealous of his friends. But still I have had my special moments, I was in his priority list.

One day I was in tremendous pain and had lot of work in office.I called him and he knew by listening to my voice that I am in pain. He said ‘Comeback home,no matter what’. I came back, I didnt have the courage to say no to him.He was authoritative and I was in his control.

I remember I was crying because my father scolded me for no fault of mine. I also felt as if my father don’t love me. I told him everything,he listened to me patiently,hugged me tight,wiped my tears and said ‘ Parents have all the right to scold us. They may not be always right,but they have the right to suggest you what is right and wrong. Don’t take their words literally but understand their good intentions to keep you safe from the bad.’ I felt light and I love him for his maturity.

Everybody cries while chopping onions, but I smile because of day I was chopping onions and he couldn’t  see me in tears. He started chopping onions himself. I love my bestie for his care.

He was truly my best friend, I have so many nights in my life spent on phone/ internet chatting with him about anything. Be it about my fights with my roomies or bitching about my manager . Whenever I needed him,He was like all ears to me. I love him for his patience.

I have always looked upon him for any kind of professional or personal advice. He never gave me any direct suggestion but always insisted me to think and do what I feel is good.But I have always knew that he will be there to support me.

He was my pillar of support when I was going through a bad phase. I have always felt fortunate to have him in my life,though for a very little time. He didn’t wipe my tears when I was week but slapped me for not being strong.

I am strong and living a good life because of my bestie. 

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity atBlogAdda“.


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