Remembering you…. as always

The different shades of the setting sun, When he goes to rest in his abode,
Reminds me of you,
      You – who would get into small space of his own,
      leaving behind the worldly things
     to create a different you
     who loves small little things,little things of life
     like cool little breeze
     a get away with friends
     a steamy momo or a hot maggie

The Setting sun reminds me of you
    coz you no longer shine,
    you are in different skin, away from world
    you enjoy simple pleasures of life,
    a  talk, a discussion , a walk
    a musical fountain dancing on tunes of story of creation of humanity,
    listening to some soft melodies,
    or simply playing with a dog

The setting Sun reminds me of you,
   You – Who is weak,
    who has regrest in life ,
    who has hidden complexes

The setting sun reminds me of you,
   Person with whom I am and will be in love forever,
   the person who entombed simplicity in his true character,
   who use to add patches on a torn sweater.

I love the sunset, coz it reminds me of you ..


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