My bestie

He is not in my life anymore. No no (in case you thinking something bad), he is very much alive, laughing aloud at some location, moved on with some ‘chappan choori’. He was my bestie.

I remember giving his shoulder to me to sleep. I met him in our company bus , I was completely exhausted, saw a seat near him and slept in no time. When I woke up, I found myself sleeping on his shoulder and saliva coming out of my mouth. Grrrr that was my first embarrassing moment with him and then there were no stopping of embarrassing myself in front of him. We were friends in moments. Just because I was me in front of him. I had nothing to hide from him. He knew all my deepest secret which I have never confided in somebody. It was so easy to confide in him. He was amazing,best part about him was he was so easy and simple. He used to make friends in seconds. I have spent a considerable time in feeling jealous of his friends. But still I have had my special moments, I was in his priority list.

One day I was in tremendous pain and had lot of work in office.I called him and he knew by listening to my voice that I am in pain. He said ‘Comeback home,no matter what’. I came back, I didnt have the courage to say no to him.He was authoritative and I was in his control.

I remember I was crying because my father scolded me for no fault of mine. I also felt as if my father don’t love me. I told him everything,he listened to me patiently,hugged me tight,wiped my tears and said ‘ Parents have all the right to scold us. They may not be always right,but they have the right to suggest you what is right and wrong. Don’t take their words literally but understand their good intentions to keep you safe from the bad.’ I felt light and I love him for his maturity.

Everybody cries while chopping onions, but I smile because of day I was chopping onions and he couldn’t  see me in tears. He started chopping onions himself. I love my bestie for his care.

He was truly my best friend, I have so many nights in my life spent on phone/ internet chatting with him about anything. Be it about my fights with my roomies or bitching about my manager . Whenever I needed him,He was like all ears to me. I love him for his patience.

I have always looked upon him for any kind of professional or personal advice. He never gave me any direct suggestion but always insisted me to think and do what I feel is good.But I have always knew that he will be there to support me.

He was my pillar of support when I was going through a bad phase. I have always felt fortunate to have him in my life,though for a very little time. He didn’t wipe my tears when I was week but slapped me for not being strong.

I am strong and living a good life because of my bestie. 

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity atBlogAdda“.


Memoirs from sweet sixteen times..

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

This was the prompt at one of the blogging sites “” I follow.

This week, we want you to write a letter to your 16 year old self. Rewind and stop by at the 16th year of your life. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

This prompt took me years back when I was in this sweet sixteen phase. Back days I was not like this as I am today. I have changed a lot , good or bad I don’t know. So these are letters posted to my sweet sixteen. Off course the letters are backdated and posted today.

Abbreviations used in the letters 

  • S2Nimi – Sweet sixteen Nimi
  • gtg – Got to Go
  • BFF – Best friend forever
  • TDH – Tall, dark and handsome









A life well lived…

If somebody asks “Are you Happy? Do you have any regrets? Is your life well lived?” What will be the replies:-

“Arrey kahan, mere to naseeb hi phoote hue hai , bachpan se lekar aaj tak har cheej ke liye fight ki hai”

“Mujhe to koi bhi cheej aasani se milti hi nahi”

“Mera sapna to adhoora hi reh gaya”

“Ye bhi kya zindagi hai, aaj tak ye bhi nahi kar payi, Zindagi to unki hai …..kya thaat se jeete hai  aur yahan ham 1 kamre mein poori zindagi guzar di “.

“Meri to life hi kharab hai”

I thought till today it was natural , and life is full of regrets so how can a life be well lived.. But when I read on the blogadda site  for a prompt :- “we want you to skip the bad part and tell us you’ve lived your life the best till date! Despite all that’s done and happened, life has been the most beautiful thing happening to you. Introspect and let some gratitude flow to yourself, that you have played your part the best possible way, till this day”

I felt good, I realized that life is made of moments and not just years , and by that mathematics everybody’s life is well lived. As average sum of good moments will definitely be greater than the bad moments in everybody’s life.

So by that perspective my life is really well lived  🙂

  • I  still remember so many moments from my childhood when my mother and I used to enjoy…
  • We used to go to get ourselves clicked in that photographer shop with different kinds of background and all…
  • Fighting with my sibling who will sleep with my mom, oh that was fun….I miss those days..
  • Sitting in our small, warm, cozy kitchen on “Bori” and my mother serving us with hot “makki ki roti” when it was chilled cold outside….
  • Sleeping on terrace with star filled sky above, searching for “Dhruv taara”. Talking till late with my sister and my mother scolding.
  • Laying bed on the terrace every night, and running with beddings downstairs when it suddenly rained while we were asleep on the terrace.
  • Sitting with family on 31st december, watching New Year programmes on doordarshan, having “moongphali, chikki”etc.
  • Getting a new bicycle…
  • Drying dupattas with my sister holding one end and me the other end on our terrace.
  • New dresses stiched by my mother on Diwali/Holi.
  • I love when now I visit my home, my mother pampering me with my favorite dishes.
  • My brother buying me gifts from his pocket money/first salary.
  • Celebrating birthdays with or without cake.
  • Going to my Mama’s place on festivals like bhai dooj and dushera. All cousins at one place.
  • Sharing lunch with my friends in school, and requesting our favorite teachers to have one bite from our lunch.
  • Gossiping with friends in schools about the affairs in the school and our class.
  • Discussing with our friends our secrets crush, following them in school , seeing them secretly, wishing for them to say Hi to us  and what not….
  • Writing letters to friends in the summer vacation, missing them.
  • Laughter fits on the roads while going for engineering coaching with friends.
  • Forcing friends to express love to their crush.
  • Getting ready for the welcome party in the college.
  • Standing against wrong despite all the inner fears….
  • Seeing my roll number in the list for entrance exam…
  • First day of the job, first salary.
  • Travelling alone to unknown places, with fears but “Finally did it ” Feeling.
  • So many friends in the journey so far and every moment spent with them was the best and better than the previous.
  • Lucky to have a supporting family and friends.
  • Holding my little niece in my hand for the first time, her calling me “Mausi”. I am in love with her.
  • Lucky to have shoulders to cry when I was not feeling good.
  • Lucky to have travelled to so many good places till date, lived some breath taking moments.
  • Having angels in my life…….who walked into my life when I was devastated, broken and almost dead. They stood by my side, supported me and now I am here standing again to fight again, to relive, though the pain is there, but  I am lucky to have that medicine in my life in the form of few friends whom I call angel.
  • I feel lucky to be able to feel pain of others, I am able to help them.
  • I feel fortunate to have few great people in my life who are not any more with me, either they have built up their home  up their in heaven or they have part their ways from me. But still I cherish the moments spent with them.
  • Till date my life is really well lived…. There always have been obstacles problem in the path but I finally crossed all hurdles till date…. I am happy that I have the courage and friends and family by my side to fight against all odds…

I love my life…. despite several odds … Thanks to my family and friends………………

I am sure I will cross any  hurdle……

But yes there is one thing missing in my life …. I want to do something for others in need… some good for the society or at least one person , I want to make somebody else’s life well lived…

That’s my dream, “Kuch to aisa karna hai”, “Kuch to karna hai”…..before I part from my “Well Lived ” life .

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’





Staying healthy and happy

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

I guess I was in 8th when I for the first time read about Heart, arteries,veins , different types of artery pulmnary artery the only artery carrying deoxygenated blood, left ventricle  etc etc. I loved the way our heart functions… So small but carrying such a great responsibility of a life.

But that was long time back and then I got busy in my big life and for got about my little heart who is working hard 24X7 to pump blood in my body  to keep me alive. But my heart felt insulted and could not bear my ignorance. One day I felt pain and went to doctor. I was hospitalized for some time. It was engina pain. My heart had finally sent me clear signals that he is not happy. With so much responsibility over me , I knew I cannot afford to keep my heart unhappy. I decided to do something to balance my life , to keep my heart hale and hearty and to keep myself happy.

As our heart pumps blood every second, so our blood needs to be easy flowing, there should not be any blockage in the arteries and veins or wherever our blood flows. Excessive smoking and blood pressure up and downs is also disliked by our heart.

After undetsanding likes and dislikes of my heart I made a TOMAKEMYHEARTHAPPY list. So here goes the list…

  1. OILY FOOD:- There is an  old saying “Kaam ghee ka  aur naam bahu ka” which means that taste in food is due to ghee and not because of the cook. In olden days people use to love “Desi Ghee”. Every  meal use to be deep fried in Oil. But our old people used to do a lot of physical work.The oil in their body never bothered to stay in their body. But in today’s lifestyle we don’t even have to cut vegetables on our own [We get readyCut vegetables in market], we never have to do cleaning [Kanta bai is there for  cleaning], mixi grinder , everything is so easy ,  one hand don’t get to know about the other hand and work gets completed. So if we eat ghee or oil like our oldies used to so where will that oil go. It stays in our body for forever. This oil tenant of our body will live in our body and will rent in the form of arteryu blockage. We can’t afford such things. So Should we stop using oil.. Gawwd I can’t have boiled vegetables :(. But without oil food can’t be tasty.  So we should be choosing careful while selecting oil for ourselves and our family. There are different types of saturated unsaturated types of fats present in the oil we use. We must select the oil wisely and use minimum of oil in our meals.
  2. Excercise daily :- O the pleasures of sleeping till late in the morning , wrapped in the blanket when it’s freezing cold or not so cold outside or  the pleasures of a morning walk, breating the pollution free air, listening to the bird’s song which is otherwise lost in the sound of honking horns, the feel of freshness after doing Yoga or smell of the sweat after a good cardio. Which pleasure you will choose , I will go with the second one, coz this is what our heart also wants , it’s just that we have blindfolded our eyes to see and feel the truth. By exercising daily all extra fats taken in the body are consumed or excreted through sweat etc. It also keeps us in good shape 😛
  3. Positivity around and inside:– Have you ever felt heart beats getting faster when you are angry , headache when you shout … All these are indications of a stressful life which makes us and our heart unhappy. So try and be positive … Any problem can be faced by being calm. Coz when you are calm , problem will be resolved at a faster pace. This can be achieved through meditation for 5-15 minutes daily. Meditation can be done anywhere  you just need to close your eyes and concentrate on something. This something can be analysing what you did all day , how it could have been better and all.
  4. Don’t keep anything in heart:- I have felt and experienced that you should be a vent for your heart feeling’s. Say it just don’t keep it to you. And Here I am not talking just about confessing love for somebody but even the bad feeling about somebody. If you keep anything negative in your heart, it will harm you. But yes offcource you can’t say any bad things to your manager 😛
  5. Avoid junk food :- I know and I also love having maggie in the midnight with a cup of chai sitting at my window. But that maggie will stay forever in my stomach in the form of maida , fat and what not … so avoid junk food , instead have fruits, sprouts etc to feed your little hunger which arises from nowhere anytime.

So these are few little steps , that keep me active  and in harmony with my heart…

You too Stay active , Stay healthy…and have a happy heart 🙂

with Lots and lots of Love in My HEART 🙂






kuch paak roohein

कुछ पाक रूहें
बस कुछ पल के लिए ही धरती पर आती हैं
खुशियाँ बाँटती है और ता-उम्र का गम दे जाती है,
दिल तड़प्ता है उनसे मिलने को
वो बीतें लम्हे फिर से जीने को
वो चेहरा आँखों में भरने को
दिल तड़प्ता है उनसे एक बार गले लगने को
वो संग बीता हुआ आख़िरी लम्हा याद आता है
कुछ और वक़्त मिल जाता, हर वक़्त खुद से यही गिला होता है
जिसकी कभी तुतलाती ज़बान को सुना था,
जिसके कभी लड़खड़ते कदमो को देखा था,
उन कदमो को दूर तलक दौड़ते भी देखा था
वो तुतलाती ज़ुबान से सुरीले सुरो को सुना था,
उसके सिर पेर बँधा सेहरा ना देख सकी,
हर ख्वाब,हर ख्वाइश चूर चूर हो गयी,
फिर से टूटे ख्वाब,जुदाई का गम आँखों की किरकिरी बन गयी.
क्युकि वो रूह अब खामोश हो गयी है,
वो कदम अब थम गये है
तभी कुछ लोग उसे अपने कंधो पेर ले गये हैं
उसने अपना घर कहीं और बसा लिया है
मेरे घर के एक कोने में अब बस उसकी यादें रहती हैं


Dedicated to my cousin who lost his life in a ROAD accident.


Tere naam

गर लम्हा लम्हा ज़िंदगी बनती है ,
तो मेरी ज़िंदगी तेरे नाम

गर किसी के लिए धड़कने धड़कती हैं,
तो मेरी धड़कने तेरे नाम.

गर यादों के टुकड़ो से कोई इमारत बनती है,
तो मेरा वो ताजमहल तेरे नाम

गर किसी के एहसास से साँसें चलती हैं,
तो मेरी वो साँसें तेरे नाम.

गर खुद को तेरे नाम करने से तेरा कुछ हिस्सा हासिल है,
तो मेरा नाम तेरे नाम

गर तेरा इंतिज़ार ही मेरा नसीब है,
तो मेरा हर वक़्त तेरे नाम

बस इतनी सी गुज़ारिश है ,
मेरी साँस रुकने से पहले
धड़कने थमने से पहले
अपना एक पल ही सही,
अपना एक लम्हा ही सही,
तू भी कर देना मेरे नाम


pankho ki udaan

aasman mein udte udte hi bhool hi gaye,
ki udne ke liye pankh kisne diye the.
wo udna nahi chahte
ye kehte suna aksar,
per kyun nahi chahte
ye na kabhi socha baithkar,
bas har din nayi udan bharte gaye,
aur wo pairo ki bediya se lagne lage.
phir ek dina unse naata hi toot gaya,
wo wahan chale gaye jahan se koi wapis aa na saka.
zindagi phir yuhi chalti gayi,
jo bhi yaadein thi sab kahin peeche reh gayi,
phi ek din thak kar kahin thama mein,
kisi ped ki chaon mein baith gaya mein.
pankh utare kandho se kuch pal ke liye,
phir kuch aisa dekha ki mere aansoon na thame.
un pankho mere aai baba ke pankh bhi the,
unhone khud ke pankh kat kar mujhe de diye the.
shayad isiliye wo meri tarah udaan na bhar sake,
shayad isiliye sari zindagi zameen per hi reh gaye.