A glimpse of His Shelf of thoughts

About “FOR HIS SHELF” …….. An endless search comprises of  “what you want from your life”,  a dream once achieved does not remain a dream, you see a new dream again and start working on that, everything changes in this journey,  you, your relations, your dreams, what remains constant is emotions, an emotion of love, your inner conscience, a kind heart … but at times we need to curb our real emotions, due to some experiences, due to some incidents, due to some fears, and then our true self is kept in the darkest corners of our heart, hidden from all and that true me keeps sinking day by day. I don’t want to die in such a way, that nobody remember the true me, I want to keep alive the true me or atleast a record of that, I want to express, write, compare, understand, know that whatever I am doing, is what actual me would have done. So I pen down, the thoughts of true me, state of mind in various situations of true me, I talk to that hidden me and my pen becomes the voice of true me, to understand the true me, to search for real me, the me who is lost in this fake world, who just wanted to live in peace in a small world full of love and care, where the true me belongs to, where the true me wanted to live ever. This happens with all of us, so I call the true me as “HIM” and just putting all his thoughts in to a shelf, so this findingnimi is all about HIS Shelf of thoughts.


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