The quiet sounds

I want to write down the story of the wee hours of the morning,

It was cold outside my little room,

And i was inside the inner walls of the blanket wrapping

It was quiet, just like pin drop silence

And I was thinking about my essence

Suddenly I heard the quiet sound of the train

Just keep on moving ,don’t stop ,were signals sent by her to my brain

I thought is it so easy to move on

How strings attached severed, how old times forgotten

How memories will not reckon

The whistling sound has quietened

My questions still unanswered

And again its silence

After sometime I could hear the quiet sound of wind chimes

Telling me be good luck for others

Lighten yourself like a feather

Free the caged worries inside you

Free yourself ,and just be your true


Life is a confusing reality

Getting up everyday in uncertainty ,
Sometimes doubt,sometimes hope on our ability.

Fearing what future holds for us,
Ignoring the beautiful nature around us.

Why we fear for the future ,
Why we cling on to which is not with us.

Drawing pictures of happiness in our mind,
Creating and yearning for situations of such kind.

Often for us,others define happiness,
Everything designed by others our space and the ambience.

Such a confusing reality,
Doubtful past,ignored present and future full of uncertainty.

Often I try to unriddle ,how to come out of this maze,
When will I live, and life will have me in her embrace.


Sometimes I feel like dying..


Sometimes I just feel like dying
If that can help me forget you.

Often I remember your smiling face,
If that can help me smile.

Sometimes I just drop you emails,
If that can help me tell you, how much I miss you.

Often I cry like anything, shout at the sky,
If that can help my prayers reach your ears.

Sometimes I just wish you goodmorning ,
If that can help me with a beautiful beginning.

Often I ask why myself why me,
I know because it was you.

Sometimes I wish to meet you see you again,
If that can help me die without pain.


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Life after death

I don’t know how will be my life after death,
Or will there be any life after death.
But for sure I will miss taking breath.

I will miss the rising sun,
And in water it’s beautiful reflection.
It’s cozy warmth in the winters,
Its dazzling figure in summers.

I will miss the changing colours of the sky,
His lending it’s space to clouds or the time when it is dry.
In the evening the V formation of the birds,
Telling me as if victory is the only word.

I will so miss the beautiful dark black color of the night,
A walk or a dreamy starry ride.
In that world there will be no silvery light of the moon,
To show me the path in the dark,amidst the wood

I will miss the blue or green waters,
The fauna and watery creatures.
The ripple effect of the waves,
And on them the falling sparkling sun rays.

Will there be the feeling called love,
Will I find there a pair of dove.
Will there be pair of cloves to wish,
Will there be something to keep memories or will they diminish.

I am afraid if I want a life after death,
I just want to live every breath,
I want to live thousands of life before I die,
Who knows, if after I will get any love,earth,water or sky..


Shadows from the past

Shadows from the past still lingers on my mind ,
The stills from the past hovers in my eyes.
My love for you has not ceased to exists
I still feel I was for you and you were for me.
I have everything but you,
I have no memories but of you.
The touch of you is still untouched,
The place for you is still reserved
I have loved you so much that I can’t fall in love again
I will wait for you forever, be it full of pain.


Sometimes I want to…

Sometimes I want to talk, talk a lot,

talk about the beautiful moments we spent together.

Sometimes I want to walk, walk a lot,

walk with you by my side forever.

Sometimes I want to dance, dance a lot,

to the tunes of which you are the composure.

Sometimes I want to laugh, laugh a lot,

so much that I could broke down in to tears from that immense pleasure.

Sometimes I want to fall, fall just like that,

so that you could hold me like a feather

Sometimes I want to dream, dream a lot,

dream about you as if there is no one like me a dreamer

Sometimes I want to go deep in water, deep down in the sea,

And dropped on the shores by the waves like sea shells,

Sometimes I want to fly , high in the sky like a bird,

so that in the evening I could nest on your terrace , under the sky blue or amber.

Sometimes I miss you , miss you a lot,

so much that I wish that I should not have met you ever.