I would love falling in love again

Despite the restlessness, and the broken heart,
        I love the feeling of love.
I cannot apart from Love

Despite being left alone to fight
With nobody by my side ,
Somebody broke my wings and I am unable to fly
No shoulder to cry,
Despite all the sleepless nights
Despite the blurry vision due to teary eyes
Despite missing him each and every moment
Despite he left me alone in torment
Despite the tremendous pain
         I would love falling in love again .

       coz love teaches you to move on ,
give all the problems a tough fight
never expects a requite,
Love teaches you to be strong and kind,
      coz love is equal to happiness rewind.

Findingnimi: I believe a broken heart should not be afraid of searching Love , coz Love gives you ground, love keeps you moving , give your life a meaning….If Love has broken you, Only Love can heal you.So don’t be afraid to falling in love again. It will give you sky to fly. If you feel differently let me know what you think about Love…………




I miss you my dear sweet sixteen

Dear sweet sixteen,

Its been years, I haven’t met you, its been year’s I haven’t lived a life like once we did. Today while cleaning my bookshelf, I picked up your diary and found this. Hope you too remember this , coz

I used to write down your name on the last page of my notebooks,

In some unreadable ways, nobody can understand when he looks.

I dream for you, I long for your company,

I also once went far away and thought of matrimony,

so stupid of me to think  like this and that,

You don’t even know about my existence as classmate

While you were the star, you were the future and i was already history

I guess the girl in section D and u had a great chemistry

I wished to be beautiful like her,

I wished to be noticed by you like her,

I often used to see you during lunch breaks, I often played flames

wanted love to comes in flame , so tried with all your names

I don’t know if you ever noticed me, but you were life to me,

The love , the age of sixteen, all is still in my heart ,

The memories which will always be my part.

I miss you sweet sixteen,

I miss the love stories which were never told ,

love stories that still written on pages of my heart,

Love stories which will never be old.


What One Age ….

Jab mein hoga 60 saal ka aur tu hogi 55 ki tab bhi preet nibhaogi na bolo apne bachpan ki”

This week’s WOW prompt reminded  me of this song… And If you ask me , I will also pick age number “55”……

I believe that this is the age when you can really enjoy your life… You will have all time of the world at your feet, for doing what you have been wanting all your life.. Off course there are certain assumptions I have considered before picking this age …

  1. I have saved enough to live a life.
  2. I am healthy, as I have been doing regular exercise and eating healthy food.

So this is the time when I don’t have any responsibility … I can do what ever I want , I can go on vacations with my friends or life partner.

  • I can enjoy with my grandchildren.
  • I can read all the books in my free time..
  • I can see Sun rise and Sun set with peace.
  • I will not have any targets , just purpose to live life…
  • I can spent time with my loved ones
  • I can pursue my hobbies.
  • I choose this age as this age is an amalgamation of all the phases of life … I can relive my childhood with my grandchildren, I can do romance with my partner like when I was young, And I can provide guidance to my kids basis my experience….
  • I choose this age , coz I love when I see and elderly couple walks in the park holding each other’s hand … This age is true reflection of love .. you support each other , you help each other , you just want to be together..
  • This is the age when you can really enjoy small blessings of life , like sharing a cup of tea with each other, going for a walk together, having discussion with friends in the park.

Though there is no time or age to live a life, but if we do a reality check , in today’s competitive world , children, youth, they don’t have a life … For 5 days they work like a Zombie and for 2 days , they prepare for the next week. Roaming here and there or watching a movie, having a dinner out is what they think life is .. But life is much more than this………

Watching a Sunrise , listening to chirping of birds, having a cup of tea and a book , watching stars , there is so much to enjoy life …….

So Age number 55 is best age to enjoy life …..


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A mesmerizing run… Satara Half Marathon…….

Yes….. I am a finisher of Satara Half Marathon……. . You all will say … Not  a big deal…… [BTW let me tell you… This marathon is being mentionedin guiness books of records because of the elevation. Anyways I am not flaunting… 😛 ]But for me it was …. I was really scared of being lablelled as “Not a Finisher”… I wanted that medal on which it was written “I am a finisher “… I have not left in between… I am a  hill Challenger.

The last few minutes were more challenging than the complete 21 KM half marathon. Every minute was crucial and I was almost dead after running and walking so much up  and down the hill….

I was not having energy to run the few meters left from the End line.. and then I heard few voices… Yes you can do it … few more meters left , Dont Quit…. And all of a sudden I waz filled with energy, I started running …. to achieve my target…. But your feet and your body mostly don’t support you when you just force them to run all of a sudden 21 KM.

Then I saw an old lady who was banging the plate with a kalchi since the morning we started running it was almost 4 hours and she was there to support us the Runners…. What else you need … I guess her strength , her support was a booster and then i just ran to get to the end line… Finalllly I got the medal….

This Satara marathon my first ever Half Marathon was an amazing experience for me…… I am sure I could not have completed this run without the support of people of Satara who were standing on every nook and corner of the city and hill and cheering us , giving us support and the strength to continue the run. Yes how can I forgot to mention my group. My friends with whom I was able to register in this marathon. They took all care of staying , travelling and the support and courage “Yes you can do it”. I can never forget.

Though I have done several 10 KM marathons before , but why I wanted to share the experience about this marathon, coz of some special moments … ….

While I was walking and running up the hill I saw an old guy, He was almost 70+ but he was consistently running and was every time ahead of me. I was wondering what is the reason He was not able to stand straight, still he was able to run and complete the half marathon.

Consistency, perseverance was his strength and power,I guess…

Another guy I saw he was running backwards with Indian flag. That was such an amazing view,I felt tears in my eyes [you know normally my eyes invite tears whenever they  see anything like this .I am  bit emotional .].He had practiced hard before this marath0n running like this and everyody was helping him by telling him” watchout”

I would also like to mention another teary energy booster for me.A group of small specially abled children playing band for cheering the runners.It was amazing to watch those kids playin g the musical instruments.

And how can I forget to mention those cute kids distributing sweets ,energy drinks ,water etc. They were shaking hands with the runners …I loved those kids…

In and all Satara was an awsome experience….








You have not handled me properly

I am not complaining, I just feel that, you haven’t handled me properly….

No you are not to blame, I was destined to be broken, but still wish, you could have handled me properly….

I was transparent, and I was loyal, but still all this didn’t help you to handle me properly….

I was fragile, and you knew it, but you haven’t handled me properly….

I was doing well without you, you derailed me, coz you haven’t handled me properly….

You came in to my life gradually, you left me abruptly, I hate you coz you haven’t handled me properly….

I don’t own you, I don’t expect anything from you, but just that you should have handled me properly….

Now that I am broken, now that I am not and I don’t want to be there anymore, I just wish you should have handled me properly….

When I lost myself, you got somebody else, but in all that I guess the exit of you should have been handled properly….

It’s not about expected as you it was, it’s not about it happens as you say with all, it about how you tried to handle me properly….

Now it’s done , I wish I get my sanity back, I wish I find myself  , I wish I learn  to handle myself properly…..




Remembering you…. as always

The different shades of the setting sun, When he goes to rest in his abode,
Reminds me of you,
      You – who would get into small space of his own,
      leaving behind the worldly things
     to create a different you
     who loves small little things,little things of life
     like cool little breeze
     a get away with friends
     a steamy momo or a hot maggie

The Setting sun reminds me of you
    coz you no longer shine,
    you are in different skin, away from world
    you enjoy simple pleasures of life,
    a  talk, a discussion , a walk
    a musical fountain dancing on tunes of story of creation of humanity,
    listening to some soft melodies,
    or simply playing with a dog

The setting Sun reminds me of you,
   You – Who is weak,
    who has regrest in life ,
    who has hidden complexes

The setting sun reminds me of you,
   Person with whom I am and will be in love forever,
   the person who entombed simplicity in his true character,
   who use to add patches on a torn sweater.

I love the sunset, coz it reminds me of you ..


Sometimes I just

Sometimes I can hear somebody screaming from inside,
Sometimes I can hear somebody crying by my side,
But I feel helpless to help,
I just put my hands on my ears,
to close the doors to the painful sounds,
close the doors to wailing hounds,
But the pain just seeps in.
Pain of being rejected,
Pain of a vacuum in the life,
Pain of being lonely in the crowd,
Pain of not living up to expectation,
Pain of loosing somebody dear to death.

Sometimes I just want to shout to silent all the sounds,
To silence all the wailing hounds

Sometimes I just want to go away to a far far away land,
Sometimes I just want to be abandoned,
To forget everything,
To live with peace in a shell,
To crawl on the wet sand,
To be embraced by the waves coming from far away.
To see the sun rising from the horizon,

Sometimes I just want to hear the sounds of the waves falling and rising,
Sometimes I just want to be in a shell and hear its chimes.