Paisa vasool

“Gareebo ki suno wo tumhari sunega, tum ek paisa doge wo 10 lakha dega”
[Translation : Listen to the poor people. Give them 10 bugs, God will give you 10 lakhs]
And I started giving alms to beggars.

In this temple all wishes are granted.
I started visiting the temple. ( It’s a great deal, I mean who would not want her/his wish to be granted without putting in effort)

It’s human nature. We want more and more and pay less, work less, put in least effort. This is fact in 99% of the cases. There are only few people who have actually burnt the midnight oil to study, to work, rest all have used oil to burn Diya in front of the God wishing they get something free and extra.

This “paisa vasool” trait is embedded in human nature especially in women. Nobody can bargain better than a woman. She has brains, capabilities and lots and lots of patience to bargain and get discount. I am sure you all will agree with me after reading few such funny instances randomly picked from real life. And you all will connect to this.

*** Many of the best dressed up girls are found in lajpat or sarojini(local market in Delhi) on weekends.[ Coz that’s a completely paisa vasool market.Girls nom 😛 . I am a girl too and we all know that it’s true in most of the cases.].
** We all have explored Lajpat, sarojini , chandni chowk, sadar bazaar to get the best deals.
***My mother chooses a far away place to buy vegetables to get some extra chillies and coriander.
**Shopping is never a fun unless we do a bargain and get a good discount.
***And who minds standing in long queues outside trial rooms in shoppers stop during off season sale.
** How can we miss the smile when we put that extra gol gappa in our mouth without paying for it. That last one taste more delicious.
***Even though we have our bags with us, we always ask for that extra polythene from vegetable vendor.
**Have you ever heard a word ” lubhav”. Oh! this word is commonly used in milk dairy’s in and around my place. After accurate measurement of milk, people want lubav which is little extra milk, little milk over the actual measurement.
**I am sure you would be using some of these common dialogues during bargaining:-
“bhaiya badi door se aaye hai itna discount to dena padega”
“Are apni behan samajh kar dedo”
“Bhaiya lajpat mein itne mein mil raha hai”
“bhaiya roj khareedte hai yahan se,naye nahi aaye hai”
“bhaiya 4 dress khareedi hai itna ka ho jayega”

Well above mentioned are some of the traditional ways of bargaining and discount. Today people have so many ways to get discount and the best deal. There are so many websites where in you can get a list of all the offers and discounts and get the best deal.
So many people have financed this trait to fill in their pockets. Flipkart , amazon mega sales are such an example.

Well whatever it is , I just love getting that extra or free stuff over any purchase.

Now before I conclude this post I need to mention few more points :-
This post is entry for paisa vasool contest for Lufthansa Premium economy #LufthansaPremiumEconomy
The details related to this can be found at “”
I have also gone through the details of this Lufthansa Premium Economy and have mentioned few points that I felt are really a paisa vasool.
** The best part about the flight that we women generally face while we travel. We need to leave our matching pair of slippers due to extra weight. But I am sure if we choose Lufthansa premium economy we will get a free extra baggage allowance of about 2x 5olbs.yahooooo, that means I can take with me 50 dresses, 50 trowsers, 50 pair of shoes and that too without paying any extra money. Isn’t a paisa vasool deal.
***Well the second problem we feel is leg space. Lufthasna has resolved that issue also. Now I can stretch more and easily.
**A welcome drink that too free isn’t it cool ?
*** Ladies I am sure you people must have looked for something called foot rest for long journeys or places like office. In most of the places we have got some jugaad. But lufthansa said ” Ye pair zameen per mat rakhiyega” so they gave us a footrest that too free.
**Girls and Boys how about using a free Lufthansa Lounge room, while we wait for our flight to take some rest.
Well these were the few of the best paisa vasool benefits of choosing a Lufthansa.


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