when I read today’s newspaper….

Chai and a newspaper though is not my daily routine, but definitely one of favorite thing in my TO DO List. So today was one of the day, I choose chai and newspaper over other petty daily things. Before I write something else I must tell you that I am very choosy when It comes to reading  the content of the newspaper. I generally read headlines and move on to next section. Only few things that really sparks my interest are read by me. Infact I used to cut such interesting newspaper cutting and paste it in my diary. Infact during diwali vacation , while cleaning my house I found my old diary in which I have pasted so many news paper cutting even Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s  itinery of his last day published in newspaper, Aruna Shaunbagh case was there. Now a days I have stopped doing all that. I don’t know why. Ok coming back to my real motive of writing this post, as most of you must have started thinking, why the hell she is telling us that she is choosy or she loves chai and newspaper and bla bla .

Question : Why I am writing this post?

Answer : I myself don’t know truly. I am confused at the behaviour of human beings, their reactions to the different things and events happening in our society. Today there were news published about two  long term cases which were pending in court and I noticed huge difference in the way the news was being presented in  the newspaper and viewed by people. Where in Salman who was being charged of hit and run case was being welcomed by thousands of poeple with a big heart as if he is a soldier coming  from a battle front and where in Suzette Jordan (known as Park Street Rape survivor, which she never liked to be called in her lifetime) who was brutally raped by 5 people in a runnig car, nobody had feelings for her. I know Suzette who is in heaven now,  never needed  support of human beings like us who are such a hypocrites, but still I was really surprised by  the comments and happiness being expressed by big shots @being Salman. People follow such people…..I am so confused ……….

Well  this is my observation of how people reacted and presented the news of the two cases.

salman and suzette

This difference in presentation and reactions of people, is making me think that how weird we are. Can we just see the people in limelight and not the uncommonly brave people amongst us and appreciate them. Was Salman news so big that it shadowed the Suzette news.

Such a weird , inhuman, insensitive behaviour of us…

Why we have become such….

Or is it like I am overthinking and सब चलता है…until and unless it happens with us …………


One thought on “when I read today’s newspaper….

  1. Media being the forth pillar of our democrazy are not acting responsible. Instead they are very much focussed on the TRP and other stupid viewer-ship. Even the coverage of recent flood at Chennai is the same as your view portrayed here.


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